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Water Heater Replacement & Service

From our FREE no-obligation consultation through final review, Greg Hannah Plumbing is there throughout the process.


  • We’ll deliver your new hot water heater to your home at no additional charge.

  • We’ll inspect your existing unit and discuss any work required to bring your replacement gas hot water heater up to local plumbing codes in order to  ensure your safety.

  • We’ll connect your new water heater to the existing gas, electric and water lines, then fill and test the new water heater to make sure it works properly.

  • We’ll haul away your old unit at no additional cost and recycle it.

  • We’ll conduct a final cleanup of the job site and walk through the installation and product to answer any question you may have.

We offer Standard & Tankless Water Heaters!

Ask us about the right energy efficient water heater solution today! 

Customer Testimonials:


Mark removed a 40 gallon water heater and replaced it with a 50 gallon water heater.  He had to do some extra work with the pipes, the vent and the chimney to make everything fit.


When I made the phone call to the company I got a quick response and quick service.  Mark explained my options for a new water heater and gave me enough information so that my husband and I could make a decision that would work for us.  He did a super job of redoing the pipes, vent and chimney and made sure that everything was back in good working order before he left.


Barbara V.



We have used Greg Hannah’s services approximately 4 times total in the recent past: new home plumbing inspection, sewer pipe cleaning, tankless water heater installation, dishwasher repair.

All of our experiences have been excellent; very professional, honest, fair, and quality work there is a reason why we keep using them.

Jennifer C.

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