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STOP Flooding Problems & Backups with a Flood Control System!


Are you tired of your basement flooding?


We Install, Repair, and Service Flood Controls

Make sure you are prepared for the Spring rains!!


Flood control refers to all methods used to reduce or prevent the detrimental effects of flood waters. Many residents in Chicagoland experience flooding from rain water that backs up into their home due to an over-loaded street sewer. We can help prevent this from occuring with a a flood control system. Please see the illustration below that shows what happens when rain water overloads the street sewer system of a home! You can also see the approximate location of a new flood control system installed and pictures of the process!


Greg Hannah Plumbing can help you install, repair or service flood control systems.  Our trained plumbers are very knowledgeable, not only in the repair of flood control systems, but the installation of all types of flood controls commercial or residential.  Our installation, repair or flood control rates are reasonable. Whatever the reason for flooding, we will find the best solution for your flood control system.


Village Rebates & Assistance is offered in some towns. Check with your local town or building department for rebate assistance with a flood control system. 



123_1 Flood Control.jpeg

Stop Sewage Backups

A revoluntionary backwater valve is used to STOP sewage backups in the home. This valve eliminates the need for expensive and unsightly manholes. You can learn more here.

**This is not a pump system - NOT available in all areas, and MUST meet local code.


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